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Sphere of Influence: 69 Ways to Get Leads in Real Estate or Any Industry That Needs Clients

Imagine … if you set a goal to have 300 people in your database. You then stay in contact with those 300 people with a systematic touch program (See pg. 47 MREA).


You could end up as the person they reach out to when they think of buying, selling, or investing in real estate. These people who remember your name will send you referrals when they get into real estate conversations with their sphere of influence.

Imagine if 10% referred you a buyer, seller, or investor, bought, or listed with you …

Research suggests that 50% to 60% of your real estate business will come from people you know (i.e. your sphere of influence.). This is one of the most important sources of closed deals for new and experienced agents. The people you already know and have met from your day-to-day normal activity allows you to get prospects, leads, and/or referrals from around the world. Think of your sphere of influence of people that know you, like, and trust you.

Below are sources and questions to get you thinking about who can get into your database. Next up … important aspects often overlooked, how to maximize your sphere, and managing your sphere.

1. Everyone you have worked with at your last job and maybe the job before that.
2. People your partner, spouse, or SO works with that you have met.
3. Personal friends.
4. Your children’s friends or their friend’s parents depending on age groups.
5. Your parent’s friends.
6. Your neighbors.
7. All people in any social group you belong to. Think Habitat for Humanity, PSO, PTA, book clubs, etc. … Keep going. If you workout at a gym that is a social club. Taking a class on pottery, cooking, wood working? Social group!
8. People at organizations that you donate time to.
9. People who serve you. Doctors, lawyers, dentist, CPA, tax preparer, car repair people, pool boy (person?), hair stylist, child care provider, pet care, …
10. Close family and extended family and everyone you have met through them.
11. How about people you interact with each day and maybe you do not know his or her full name? Get their full name and give them a card.
12. High school and college friends and organizations.
13. Children teachers, coaches, principals, and more …

Do you prefer to play the question game? Start with these 30 from RealtyTimes.

1. What are the names of the members of your family?
2. What are the names of your spouse’s family?
3. What are the names of your “extended” family?
4. What is the name of your best friend?
5. What is the name of your spouse’s best friend?
6. What are the names of your very close friends?
7. What are the names of your spouse’s very close friends?
8. What are the names of your children’s friends’ parents?
9. What are your children’s teachers’ names?
10. What are your children’s coaches’ names?
11. What are your children’s principals’ names?
12. What are your children’s dentists’ names?
13. What are your children’s doctors’ names?
14. What are your children’s optometrists’ names?
15. Who cuts your children’s hair?
16. Who sells you your children’s clothes?
17. Who is on the PTA Board at your children’s school?
18. Who is your children’s Sunday school teacher?
19. Who cuts your hair?
20. Who does your dry cleaning?
21. Who does your pedicures, manicures, facials?
22. Who do you purchase gasoline from?
23. Who services your car(s)?
24. Who do you buy tires from?
25. Who sold you your current car(s)?
26. Who have you purchased cars from in the past?
27. Who cleans your car(s)?
28. Who is your mailman?
29. Who do you know at your church?
30. Who do you see at the convenience store you most often go to?

But wait, there is more …

1. Plumbers
2. Personal or HR directors.
3. Travel agents.
4. Appliance salespersons.
5. Insurance agents.
6. Place of worship members
7. Contractors
8. Bank personal.
9. Sports leagues.
10. Realtors from other areas.
11. Garage sales.
12. Gas station personal.
13. Decorators
14. Corporate executives.
15. Architects
16. Club members.
17. Veterinarians
18. Electricians
19. House painters.
20. Automobile salespersons.
21. Civic clubs.
22. Gardeners
23. Dry cleaners.
24. Mail personnel.
25. Roofers.
26. We could go on …

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