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Definition of Christian Worship: Trinity Evangelical Divinity School course PT 7280 Christian Worship

FishingPoleI believe before this course started I would have defined Christian Worship as singing, praying, praising, and glorifying God in a large group gathering of people. I will expand upon this definition we include definitions from the people I asked about his or her definition of Christian Worship …

“Praising God”


“Reading Bible”

“Pursuing God”

“The act of coming into the presence of our Lord. Recognizing God for all He is and giving thanks, but BIGGER.”

“Making ourselves less and God more.”

“Connecting with God.”


What seems striking or the main theme I heard was that people understand that Christian Worship is about honoring and praising God. Connecting with God or having a personal experience/relationship with God comes through as people give answers.

This is good to reflect on. What is common to all these answers (and your own ones). In particular, think about what is involved in praising God and honoring him. What truths about God are involved in this? What human emotions are involved? Are there any other emotions that are integral to worship in addition to joyful praise? (Dr. Roy)

Worship is turning our hearts, minds, and souls towards our Creator. This is done in a narrow sense, like a Sunday large group gathering, small group community, or daily Bible time. Narrow worship is something intentionally we do in worshiping God.

In a broad sense we can turn our emotions (gratitude, happiness, awe, admiration, trust, amazement, anticipation, grief, joy, sadness, worry, etc. …) towards God. We can choose to give God honor, service, and respect because of what He has done for us, what He is doing for us, and what He will do for us. We can let our 24/7 actions, words, and thoughts recognize the One who deserves greatest honor.

God (our Christian God as seen in the Bible) deserves our greatest honor. Through His Son Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I had mentioned we can “ … We can choose to give God honor, service, and respect … “ I wonder is this is less of a choice and more of a work of God, through Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. I am open to your thoughts and insights in this regard.

As far as the question, “What truths about God are involved in this (worship)?”

We learned in our lecture video this week that the names of God in the Bible speak to the very character of God. This had me thinking about the attributes of God. As one understands, believes, or gains revelation of the attributes of God I think this knowledge powers one’s ability or want to worship (Biblical Doctrine of Illumination; Ephesians 1:18; John 16:13-16).

Attributes of God: Wisdom, Infinitude, Sovereignty, Holiness, Trinity, Omniscience, Faithfulness, Love, Omnipotence, Self-existence, Self-sufficiency, Justice, Immunity, Mercy, Eternal, Goodness, Gracious, Omnipresence.

Turning one’s heart, mind, and soul towards God means giving Him honor, service, and respect. Knowing and/or having revelation of God’s attributes can cause people to worship broadly and narrowly.

I look forward to any knowledge, wisdom, or questions you can add. Have a Heaven blessed day!




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