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Work That Matters


For what will it profit them to gain the world and give up their life?

“Jobs are what people do for a living, many of them for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, minus vacations, for most of their lives. It is tragic to think how few of them have their hearts in it.

They work mainly for making money enough to enjoy their moments of not working. If not working is the chief pleasure they have, you wonder if they wouldn’t do better just to devote themselves to that from the start.

They would probably end up in bread lines or begging, but, even so, the chances are that they would be happier than they would be pulling down a good salary as a bank teller or dental technician or a supermarket bagger and hating every minute of it.

What do people gain from all the toil at which they toil under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:3)? If people are in it only for the money, the money is all they gain, and when they finally retire, they may well ask themselves if it was worth giving most of their lives for. If they are doing it for its own sake – if they enjoy doing it and the world needs it done – it may help to gain them their own souls.” – Thompson


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