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Impossible People: Win with 3 Questions.

Do you know an “impossible” person?   Ever have a heated discussion?   Are you unwillingly to back down?


The 3 questions to win a heated discussion with an impossible person are …


#1.  Ask “How do you know that?”


Wait for the pause, stutter or dumbfounded look.


#2.  “Who told you that?”


Wait.  Notice the frustration building in the other person?


#3.   “Can you prove it?”


Be ready for an attack on your character, the impossible person walking off or an adult throwing a four-year old tantrum.


Gentle reminder:  These questions are for impossible people.  They are NOT for your wife.   Men, your wife can ask these of you.  Don’t argue with her if you can’t answer the questions.


Have fun watching your impossible person huff, puff and get red in the face.   When they storm off you’ve gained time.   Take the time to impact the important people in your life.


When you are with your next impossible person are you ready to ask 3 questions?

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