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3 Steps to Break Free

Have you ever wanted to go back?   Back to school.   Back to a time in your life when you had it all?


My family returned yesterday from the National Speakers Association Influence11 conference.   Now they all want to go back to Cali.   Have you ever wanted to go out-of-town?   Do you own your business or does your business own you?


What can I do to return to Cali?   What can you do that makes your business survive, stable and successful while you are gone?


3 tips to succeed when leaving your business while you’re out-of-town.


#1.  Have a team in place:  I could not have success without the team.   Learn how to delegate, empower and follow-up.   You can leave for time away.  Time to develop a new business.  Time for your family.


#2.  Create a list of what you need to do while you are gone:   You can write what you need to carry out each day.   Look at your list.   What do you need to do today?   What do you not need to do today yet causes you to carry out your plan?


#3.  Develop a plan:  Are you flexible?   Work your plan than react to how your plan plays out.  Do you believe in finishing what you start?   If yes, I do to.  if you’re living your passion, you see why you’re doing what you do and you’re making progress then it’s only a matter of time.   Stay faithful.


Now, are you doing all the above?    If you hate what you’re doing, if you have NO reason to believe you’ll win in the end or if you’re seeing NO progress then QUIT now.


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