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3 Reasons To Change Directions

Are you feeling stress, aggravation or annoyance? That is 3 reasons why you need to stop what you’re doing.


The first 4 steps are to observe the situation, orient, decide, and act (OODA).



Here’s a brief recap of the situation. Going Back to Cali with a wife. An eighteen month old. Three daughters and a four-year old son named Caden has been stressful, aggravating and filled with annoyance.


When you feel that way it’s time to OODA.


Sending Robin surfing with the older kids today was the new action decided. I will miss a large part of today’s NSA’s Influence11.


Deciding to get up early. Sit outside Starbucks at the host hotel. Look friendly and network was a priceless decision.


Below is one person who I met, what I learned and an example of the power of saying “Hi”.


The Water the Bamboo Man Greg Bell. He saw my “welcome center” set-up outside of Starbucks. Sat down and gave freely of his time.


Greg spent 12 years earning his CSP. More importantly he build his business to the point where he can now work from anywhere. He says “NO” often. AND gave me a sweaty, yet FREE water the bamboo bracelet. High five man!


#1. What else does your Tribe of clients & team need? Ask them!!!


#2. He fell into the business by accident. This is a theme repeated by the speakers you meet. Read Tipping Point & Outliners for detailed information.


#3. Remember currency is more than $$$$$. Greg keeps life in balance. Proud of him!


#4. Greg tells his children to never get a job. My take? Speaking business will take “CRUSH IT” focus. Worth it.


#5. Say NO often (He did this before Larry Winget), make National Speakers Association friends and ask for help. This will help you Gary Vaynerchuk CRUSH IT.


#6. What 1 thing would you do different? Add value between his keynote & book. Something between high & low price points.


What wisdom, insight or comment do you have to share? Looking forward to interacting with you.


2 Responses to “3 Reasons To Change Directions”

  1. Great post! NSA is a great place to make friends, business connections and learn how to answer the question «what do you mean you get paid to talk»?

    • Thank you Lois.

      You ever feel as if your to do list can’t end? There is much to do to get paid to talk. You need to write better.

      Laser focus that niche. Then take your witty personality yet tweak it to a professional level … to get paid.

      To make your business a real business. Then book some business.

      Do you know people that help people do that?

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