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3 Beliefs That Take You For a Ride On a Crazy Train of Success

Have you ever wondered how you can go from an idea to a business to success?

Success takes ending distractions, a laser focus on what you want and finding what small steps will get you to the goal.

Do you believe that you should learn from those who have gone before you?  If you are going to follow a model to build your success, you need to study what went right when someone else had success.  Should you copy what they did?  Not exactly.

Looking at a successful company can give you clues to what can work for you.

Regardless of your feelings about UV light, Madison Tanning Company has a small business success story that can model success for you.  That’s tanning, as in indoor sunshine!!!  This is Vitamin D in moderation (of course!).  You’ll find the back, middle and current story of this company throughout this blog.  Today, the goal is to tell you the story of how the company built success, how MTC (Madison Tanning Company) went from an idea, to a business to nearly $4,000,000 in annual sales.

In September of 1997 there were two tanning beds added to a new business called East Wash Laundry.  Perhaps the simplest success idea you can learn from is to start small, breaking down your idea into the smallest step you can take.  As long as you are stepping forward the best step to take is a small one.  Then see what happens.  If that one small step is a success can you take another step?  Once you take that next step you have reasonable assurance that your second step will be as successful as the first step.

Adding two tanning beds to Eugene “Yogi” Klar’s mini laundry empire was a small step.  Within the first week we took one more step by ordering two more tanning beds.  Our first step left us with constant demand for our services.  We had to keep moving forward.  “We” at that time was Robin Suslick and I.  We were helping build, open and run the new place.  Inside 2620 East Washington Avenue was coin operated laundry machines, wash-fluff-fold drop off laundry and dry cleaning services.

Early in the operation’s history Yogi told me, as I remember, “Dale, you can run the tanning part of the business.  I won’t pay you much.  You can keep the money you make as long as you leave me alone.”  If you know the coin-op laundry business, then you know Yogi.  He is a man I respect.  A man of few words.  And someone who prefers machines over interaction with people.  I hope to someday be worthy of respect.  I speak all too often, although with passion.  And I LOVE people, why they do what they do and delegate anything that I need fixed to the nearest handy person.

What drove me to create success from this beginning?  Pie.  Actually a piece of the pie.  I have to ask Yogi if he meant what I heard.  When I felt that I was getting paid for my effort I became focused on the success of the company.  Focus has always been a gift of mine.  My focus is so strong to the extent that I need to focus on not being focused when romancing my wife, interacting with my children or offering encouragement to others.  Still, this gift is something I am grateful for.

Focus can get you success.  The other key element of the success of Madison Tanning Company is that we felt as if we owed it from the beginning.  You may never know if Yogi meant what I heard.  Taking his promise to the bank drove me to dig deep to pull out more focus than I used in sports, college or in my relationships.  Well, actually, pursuing Robin to marry me required extreme focus.

The three beliefs you can have to create success are …

#1.  Work to end distractions.  This is a process not an event.  One that never ends!

#2.  Laser in on what you want.  Focus with a capital F!

#3.  Find what ONE or TWO small steps will get you closer to the goal.  You can only do one or two things at a time.  Over achievers, you can do three.  No more.

You’ll hear more of this story.  I promise.

Until then, what one or two small steps can you find that will take you to success?

End of Part I of Part VI:  Going for a Ride on a Crazy Train of Success


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