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4 Ideas To Get More Done

Out of time.

Is your “to do” list longer than the time you have to do it?

Are you in the dark about how you will ever get caught up?

You can get more done in the same amount of time if you’re a trusted source, use catchy subject titles, place things in your way and use notes.

Do you get overwhelmed by the amount of emails you get daily?  Running out of time is a serious issue that can cause you to lose your focus, lose productivity and lose relationships.

It was a normal afternoon.  I had three minutes between appointments, which meant I could get ahead by scanning my email folder.  A subject line caught my eyes: “In The Dark?  Free lamp for your home!!!”

Out of the dozens of emails I could have opened can you guess which one I picked?  The one from a trusted source, with the catchy subject that offered to give me something free.

Can you see why being a trusted source is important?

Stephen Covey has a book titled The Speed of Trust. If you are the trusted source, then the speed at which you can maneuver through tasks and relationships speeds up. No need to read the book. Be someone you can trust. You’ll get more done in the same amount of time.

Can you choose to only work with, play with and love people you can trust?  I believe you can.

The second way to get more done in the same amount of time is to get people to open your emails.  People open emails with catchy titles.  This is an art form; and once you master it, through trial and error, you will save time.  The easiest way to practice is to update your Facebook status daily.

Can you watch which status updates get the most “likes” or “comments?”

The person who sent me the email about being in the dark wanted the lamp gone.  She wanted her storage closet empty, which motivated her to create an email title that she knew would catch my eye.

Once I agreed to get the lamp, her work was not done.

She placed the lamp right on the edge of my parking stall. The lamp was in my way, which means it took no time to place the lamp in my truck for the ride home. This saved her time as she didn’t need to stop to give it to me. While I love connecting, conversing and seeing people I love saving time more.

When you avoid connecting, conversing and seeing people during a task you can save 30, 60 or more in minutes.

Would you like to save time for the important people in your life?  Do you want time to increase productivity?

The last key is using notes to communicate. Do you believe there is a time and place for a direct, to the point and productive email, text message or note?

The note on the lamp said “Take me home. Needs a bulb.”

Our team member is SMART.  The training from our culture made her effective, fast and efficient when completing routine tasks.

Can you see how …

#1.  Being a trusted source.

#2.  Using catchy email titles.

#3.  Placing things in the way.

#4.  Using notes can save you time … can help you get more done in the same amount of time?

What could you do if you had more time?

2 Responses to “4 Ideas To Get More Done”

  1. No need to read the book. Be someone you can trust. << Love this line!

    • Hey Sarah. Thanks much!!! What do you think about taking all the “books” we have learned and dialing them down to one or two lines for people? I believe YOU are a specialist in that area!!!

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