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Profit, People and Connecting in 3 Steps

One key to making more money, making your non-profit successful or having healthy relationships is to understand how to win with people.

How do we connect better with people?  How do we remember people’s names, a fun fact and where they work?  And is that actually even possible?

Yes.  You can connect better with people by remembering names, a fun fact and where they work.  Use the idea of spaced repetition to remember simple details about people.  By remembering a little about another person, you will win with people.  The goal today is to give you one simple method that you can use to connect with people.

I was born with the wish to impact people in a positive way.  Have you ever spent time practicing, falling forward and revising a talent you have?  I’ve spent forty-two years developing connecting with people.  This natural gift has turned into strength.

Trying to connect with our team is a challenge.  Fourteen locations and 146 team members make focus on connecting with the team a daily challenge.  This is true for me, who spends day and night thinking about how to connect with others in a positive way.

Here’s a challenge to you:   What system could you put into place that would help you remember one thing about the people you meet? 

Try a system called hour, day and week.  The basic concept is that when you run into a person that you want to remember you need to check their name three times within a week.  Ideally this happens one hour after you met them, then the next day then in one week.  When you see information about people in small amounts using spaced repetition you will remember it when you need to.

You can use this system to recall anything you want.

Our company puts this in practice when a person starts to interview with our company.  Our leadership and hiring team will send me an email that reads “Jane Doe | Lien Rd | Business Major.”  Inside the body of the email is more information.  What’s important is found within that subject line.

Sometimes the email will read “Sally Matter | Oshkosh | Loves waterskiing.”

The point is that when someone interviews with us I’ll get an email with this information.  A second email comes when the potential hire passes their practice shift.  The last email comes during the new hire introduction.

When I see these types of emails I save the data in my Blackberry Smart Phone.  And sometimes, more often these days, because of the system of hour, day, week I can bring up a mental picture of the person without even looking at the phone.  By seeing an email, I get exposure to the name, where they would work and a fun fact.  Another exposure is when I simply add the observations to my address book.

Don’t you love knowing someone’s name?  Or how about making someone’s day?  Give them a smile.

Or focus on the money you could earn if you were better at remembering names.

It’s common for me to shop at the local grocery store.  I’ll have two or more children with me, which means I am not focused on being friendly.  The focus is on survival, getting out of the store, and I am not there to make friends.

As I round the corner with parenting focus, I can run into a young woman.  Most women from 18 to 44 know I am President of Madison Tanning Company.  She starts to tell us about the time she was a client, worked one of our pre-hiring practice shifts or how she worked for the company.  If she happened to go through the above process then I ask her what her fun fact was, where she worked or maybe her name.

You can remember someone you never met. 

Have you ever seen the power of connecting with people work in your favor?

What one or two small systems can you add that can make someone’s day?  Or earn you more income?


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