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Are You F A T?

Are you FAT?  Faithful.  Available.  Teachable.  Has life gone as planned?

      Balanced REAL success requires being FAT.  This is true whether life has gone better than you deserve, you’re in a monster season of success or needing to pick up the pieces.  Success is only possible if you continue to grow.

Are you reading because you have had financial success, yet feel as if you are a ticking time bomb on your fitness?  Are you doing well with your friends and career, yet find your personal relationships are the bane of your existence?

From my experience, the wish I hear of most comes from those of you who want to start your own business, have financial freedom and work in your passion.

Regardless of what you want to do, be FAT.

Faithful is believing in what you want to follow, have or do.

Do you believe that running a triathlon matters?  Is this where you should pour your time, energy and money?  It doesn’t matter if you can’t swim, your last bike ride was when you still had training wheels or if you get shin splits by lacing up your running shoes.  For the most part, if you can break it down in small steps, you can do what seems impossible.

     Are you available?  Do you say you want a better relationship with your partner, your children and friends?

Are you willing to stop doing something else to invest time into those relationships?  Will you spend your energy to gain money?  Are you willing to let go of whatever is holding you back.  That means you can take the bottom 25% of your to do’s and drop them.  You may need to give up the one thing that is holding you back.

The choice is yours.  Being fully present during the time you’re investing into your growth means you are available.

 You believe in your cause, maybe the cause is larger than yourself, maybe the cause is you or a relationship.  Now be teachable.  Once you find a book or mentofriend (Jack says mentoring is the dumbest idea ever, which is why I developed the mentofriend concept.  Mentor plus friend works.) or training to attend, you need to apply the teaching to your life.

   In regard to growth, you live in the greatest environment history has known.  You can earn a PhD in your jammies.  You can see the passion in your relationships start on fire while you drive to work.  Why are people failing in half the areas of their life?

When you break down what you need to do into small steps, you will not fail.  You may change direction, reevaluate or switch your focus.  You will succeed when you break down what you need to do into one or two small steps.  Then take those steps.  Find one or two more steps. Repeat. You will then wake up one day being a success, looking back, wondering what you did to deserve it.

     That’s my promise.  Do you need help with this?

 Call me, comment below or send me a private message on your personal situation.

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