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Shut It

Have you ever heard from someone who told you that, “You can do it?”  How about, “You can do anything?”

You ever want to tell those people to shut it?

Have you ever needed to shut it?

The problem we have, “we” as in me, is that we believe people care about what we say. The truth is that people need reality discipline. Let reality of life teach.

Kids love food places such as Rocky Roccoco’s Pizzeria. Have you been to a restaurant that has games that dispense tickets?  You take the tickets to the “Prize Counter.”  Your kids trade the tickets in for cheap toys, candy and knick knacks.

Over the last thirteen years, I would take any number of our five kids to such a place, Rocky Roccoco’s being the favorite. I cannot count the numbers of times I asked, pleaded and used logic to convince my kids to save the money we spend on the games.

“If you saved the money you would come out ahead. You spent five dollars to get thirty-seven cents in junk.”

Have you used this approach in your marriage, parenting or career?

Did any of the times you asked, pleaded and used logic get you the result you wanted?

This past weekend, I found myself at Rocky Roccoco’s. I was within a micro second of letting the kids know that they need to stop wasting their allowance. Elaina (8) yelled “Hey Dad, come see this ‘Monster Jackpot’ Game I am playing!”  She has the strongest personality of our children.

I noted the waste that this game was and remained quiet. 2,341 tickets is the prize. That’s more tickets then I’ve seen in my life. No one wins this game.

My thought was ‘You’ve told everyone in your life what to do for 42 years. Over the last year you’ve seen that, by being quiet, encouraging and letting people fall forward (i.e. small non fatal mistakes) people learn, grow and flourish.’

I remained quiet, acting interested and happy for her. Elaina released the token to the monster. Clunk. The ball fell. Bong. Bong. Harmlessly falling into a small hole labeled “Monster Jackpot,” and she won!

Can you imagine how Elaina reacted?

Twenty minutes later, carrying a stack of tickets never seen before, Elaina and I handed out free tickets to other children. I left her at the “Prize Counter” as she worked tirelessly to redeem her jackpot of 2,341 tickets.

If you see me this week you will find me quiet.

What will it take for you to shut it?

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