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Tish of a Ticking Time Bomb; How to deal with this type of person.

Are you dealing with difficult people in your life?

#1. You’re doing great. Thank YOU. Handling people who seem as if they are a time bomb waiting to explode is difficult. Be proud of the work you have done.

Now …

Set your expectations HIGH with clear written communication and hold the person accountable.

The ONLY way I can see making a difference when people are in “struggles” is to give them ONE extra chance. There are exceptions. If you believe your situation is an exception, comment below about the situation without naming names. Keep in mind people’s privacy.

Why do you give the exploding person only one extra chance? Because, we ALL are either coming into a struggle, are IN a struggle or coming out of one.

It’s all about your attitude. Attitude and understanding the values GaPPfFF’s!!! That’s a system of success: Growth, attitude, people, planning with flexibility, focus and faith.

Make sense? You ARE doing excellent.

Lastly, what could I do to best help you with your situation?

If you send me the details I can ask you a question that could trigger you to find the answer. Or perhaps I can give you one or two small action steps you could take next.

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