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Work Hard. Don’t Give Up. Finish Strong.

Have you ever been at the end of a game, work week or life stage where you needed to finish strong?

I want you to read this with the end goal being that you leave thinking of one or two things you can do to finish your week, your month or year strong.   You say always over do it?  Then leave with three.

Do you need to finish strong?  It could be a team you are on, your work environment or your parenting.  Regardless of what you need to finish strong on, have you found yourself getting tired, distracted or adding too many new items to do?

There was a time in my life when I became tired, distracted and added too many new things.  During this time we had it all.  We had time, stuff and confidence. 

What do you enjoy doing?  How much more would you do your hobbies if you had all the time you needed? 

One of my loves is water skiing.  If you could do your hobby seven days a week, would you?  I did.  I would be out with my man friends seven days a week.  We had the sun shining, glass calm water and  competition ski boats that ran $50,000 or more.  I jumped in the water, the driver would pull the line tight then I yelled, “hit it!”  A 385 horsepower engine would roar to life and I felt as if I were flying during my ski run.

What could you do with a million dollars?

Would you focus on the things most important to you, spend more time with your family, do more things to bring you joy or share your good fortune? What if you lost sight of all that and bought yourself a bunch of stuff?  We had so much stuff that Target built a separate place on the west side just so they could keep up with our demand.

Have there been times in your life when you felt as confident as Harry Potter backed with a roomful of friends with magic wands?  In 2007, I found myself School Board Chairman, sat on the City Council and won the Dane County Board election by 77 votes.  When have you felt as if nothing could stop you?

Maybe you’re not having that much success.  Perhaps you are in the middle of a monster season of success.  Or you could be right in the middle.

Regardless of your place now, you need to finish strong.  My story is a story in which I took my eye off the prize.  I started to get tired, let distractions divert my attention, and I added too much when I already had enough going on.

Looking back, I see that you only need to focus on one or two small things today to stay focused on your prize.  What one or two things do you need to focus on today to win your race?


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