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Ouch! You’re Stepping on My Air Hose!

We all need encouragement, like we all need air to breathe.

Get off my air hose!!!

To paraphrase Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, in any interaction between two people, there are times when one person fails to decode the other, or perhaps somebody just says something harsh, critical, or sarcastic that angers or hurts the other person. At that kind of moment, your friend, associate or family member’s face may fall, or perhaps the eyes grow dark and the tone of voice grows icy. In other people, the body stiffens, the eyes flash and the tone of voice goes up a few octaves. When you see any of these telltale signs, be aware that you have probably stepped on the other person’s air hose, deflating the inner spirit.

People call Emerson, “Dr. E” for short.  In his Love and Respect workshops, he makes the case that women need love like they need air to breathe, and men need respect like they need air to breathe.  Would you agree?

I am not a doctor.  My area of ability comes from forty-two years of leadership.  I would ask Dr. E to add one more need to his message.   I have found that men and women both need encouragement, like they need air to breathe.

Do you remember the last time someone gave you a small dose of encouragement?  Can you picture how you felt?  Take 30 seconds when you first interact with a person to encourage them.  You can easily find something wrong with any person.  We all do that inside our heads.  Sometimes we might say out loud to another person what’s wrong with a person after we leave that person.  By “we” I mean me.  I had a bad habit of condemning, criticizing and complaining (CCC) about people.

That habit left me several years ago, during a profound struggle in my life.  Have you noticed it often is when you hit rock bottom that you make changes?

The revelation I was given, showed me how powerful I can make someone’s day if I throw away my habit of CCC.  Instead, I focus on taking the first and last 30 seconds of any interaction I have to encourage someone.  Find something they are proud of and mention it.  Tell them you love their smile.  Encourage them to chase their dream.

Can you imagine how you would feel if people did this for you?  Go first.

What is one thing encouraging can you say about the next person you interact with?

Click here to see more of Dr. E’s life changing message.

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