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Are You Ready?

What’s do you remember your mom or dad teaching you?

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

How have you achieved your success?  Think about the question for a minute.  During the time, times or during this current monster season of your success, exactly what have you achieved?

Can you see a pattern of behavior that you have engaged in over the course of your life?  And when this pattern crosses paths with an opportunity that fits your preparation, do you see how lucky you became?

If you can’t see any success in your life, have you been preparing?  Have you been doing the daily things that add up to something special 36, 48 or even 60 months later?

I went through a time in my life where I spent my time with hobbies, pleasure-seeking activities and flat-out wasting time.  This was not how you build success.  Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Malcolm Gladwell makes the same case in his book, Tipping Point, in which he writes of Bill Gates’ success, Japan’s math supremacy and more stories about being alert in the right place.  Being ready with years of earlier effort fueling the success. You just wake up one day, and magically, you’re an overnight success.

It’s this belief that has always allowed me to succeed to a level beyond my ability. If I were to assess my top three abilities, I would say my greatest gift is accepting that I’m not talented, that I am willing to fail more before 9am than most people do all week long, as I am learning, and that I better be focused today to succeed tomorrow.

What one or two small steps can you take today?  What can you do today to be ready for tomorrow’s unforseen opportunity?

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