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Romance, Love and Marriage

Romancing the Wife

How do you best romance your partner?

Have you heard of the movie Romancing the Stone?  

Remember the Romance?  If you want romance in you life, grab your partner, put on your alligator boots and prepare for romantic adventure:  This one is sure to please!

It has come to my attention that some people believe I have everything together in my life.  I credit the perception that I have life figured out to several factors.  One of these factors is something I was born with, an ability to live a balanced life.  Born with this gift I saw the gift become strength because of luck.  Have you ever heard luck is when preparation meets opportunity?

What does this have to do with romance?

The best way to stay in balance is to quiet yourself to think, write and ask questions.  This will happen to me when I take time to watch a movie.  It was late June when I was watching Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones with my 4-year-old son Caden.  The revelation hit me much as a brick through glass window.  I had everything in balance in my life except I was failing in romancing my wife.

I remember approaching my wife.  I asked her “Honey, sweetie, how am I doing with you in the romance department?”  If you know Robin Suslick then you know the answer was quick, direct and to the point.  She said “You’re mostly sucking.”

I took that as I have room for improvement.  Room for improvement is a “C-” isn’t it?  Do you have a busy life?  I couldn’t drop everything.  I am no longer a single man chasing her.  When I was pursuing her in the early nineties I would whisk her off to Florida for the week.  I would take her to dinner, movie and out on the town.  Today, we have five children, a dog, cat, two birds named Griffin and Jewel plus 4 pet chickens.

What can you do when you are out of balance?  If you are out of balance and have no time what is the first small step you can take to get back in balance?

I did what I always do.  I wrote down one question on a post it note.  I wrote the same question on my bathroom mirror.  The question appeared on the dashboard of my Z71 off-road dented Tahoe.  I spent the next week directing a itsy-bitsy, teeny tiny small piece of energy from every area of my life to answering the question.

The question was “How can I do a better job romancing my wife?”  Would you believe me if I told you answers started to flood my mind?  Each and every time I ask a question this way I get revelation.  Then I just need the strength to handle the revelation.  Someday I will be as strong as Harrison Ford.

Below is my progress after one week.  What ideas do you have for us?  I look forward to your answers to the question “How can I do a better job romancing my wife?”

Let me know what you think.

Dale Suslick

Romance time. I’ve spent some money romancing the wife this week. I still suck worse than Anaika romancing Queen in Star Wars II yet making some progress. Now I need some low or no cost romance items. How do you romance your wife? Ladies, what do you LOVE? The money saved can be placed in future ‘new’ used car fund. Apparently, I need to provide romance & tangible goods & services to move my hubby grade above C-

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