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Pretend You’re Attending a “Membership Retention” Workshop …

Team Polar Jump 2009

Would you be willing to answer the following Pre-Workshop Survey in the comments section below?

OR call, text, email or return the questions to Dale Suslick or someone that knows Dale anytime before 10:30am Saturday.

“Keep ‘Em”

5 Beliefs That Can Help You Do The BEST That You Can Do With Member Retention

Why? You only can control what you can control. People have a mind of their own.

#1 Hi, my name is Dale Suslick. Who are you?

#2 What is your occupation or area of expertise?

#3 Why are you participating in the Member Retention Workshop? (OR if you’re not participating, why would you want to, if you could?)

#4 What do you hope to learn from the Member Retention Workshop? (OR if you’re not participating what would you want to learn if you were participating?)

Follow up questions, comments or insights are ALWAYS welcome …     Call or text message 608-575-5511!/77dale

IF you have a group, organization or family that needs to hear Dale’s message on values, finding balance and REAL success drop Dale a note or tell him …


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