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Keep ’em

“Keep ‘Em”

5 Beliefs That Can Help You Do The BEST That You Can Do With Member Retention

Why? You only can control what you can control. People have a mind of their own.

8:00am to Pre Workshop Member Retention Handout
Who are you? | What is your occupation or area of expertise? | Why are you participating in the member retention workshop? | What do you hope to learn from the member retention workshop?

10:30am Introduction of Speaker
10:31am Attention Getter
How many of you have been to a meeting where it was fun, productive and engaging?
Have you ever been to a meeting where there were 6 or less members?
Member retention can be one part of being at meetings where it is fun, productive and engaging.

10:32am Purpose | Introduction
Have fun, be productive and dig up answers .

#1 What is my purpose? Have fun, productive and engage you. #2 What information do I want you to retain? 5 Beliefs. #3 What visible results will tell you that you’ve accomplished your purpose? You leave with 1, 2 or 3 small next steps written down.

10:33am Introduce the 5 Beliefs of Doing the BEST You Can With Member Retention

10:34am Belief #1 WiiFthem *You need to be on channel WiiFthem instead of WiiFM (What’s in it for me).

10:35am Audience Interaction on what that means

10:38am Belief #2 Better Be Good To Me *Treat people much as I should treat my wife if I was chasing her as a single Dad with 5 kids!!!

10:39am Audience Interaction on what that means

10:42am Belief #3 Simply The Best *Ed Sullivan says to put on a really good show. Are you putting on the BEST meeting you can?

10:43am Audience Interaction on what that means

10:46am Belief #4 Plug into something that inspires you *What Inspires You To Focus On Member Retention? Why? Because it’s hard work, you have a busy life and if it was easy everyone would be doing it!!!

10:47am Audience Interaction on what inspires you to focus on member retention

10:50am Questions, comments and answers
10:55am Review Purpose

10:56am Belief #5 is that… *You need to write down 1, 2 or 3 small steps you can take when you leave, at your next meeting or today.

10:57am Summary
10:58am Conclusion

10:59am Write down your 1, 2 or 3 items

11:00am Mr. Toastmaster | Dismissal

4 Responses to “Keep ’em”

  1. Very impressive task list and presentation with definite time slots. This should work out well. John Zerbe

  2. Looks like a good plan to keep things on track timewise. Lot of material to present. It might be a challange to keep your presentation of the beliefs down to 1 min. You could include some “key points” in the margins of your copy ot the outline. Also I might (subtly) remind the audience a couple of times that they have 3 min. to respond. Good luck !


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