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The Truth About People

In order to keep people engaged, moving forward and excited, you need to know the truth.

People are on earth to annoy you.

Do you agree?

For most of my life, I felt that way. If you’re in any formal or informal group, organization or family, you will find that people annoy, frustrate you and generally are in the way to of getting what you need done.

Today, you’ll be introduced to five beliefs that can help reduce that annoyance with people. This is how any formal or informal group, organization or family can be accepting and tolerant of all members, in order to retain them.

My expertise comes from 42+ years of group, organizational and family leadership. I have made mistakes, interacted poorly and then have thought constantly about how the mistakes and interaction could have been better.

When you apply these five beliefs to how you interact within your group, organization or family, you can reduce your annoyance. Then they can thrive, constantly move forward and add new things, as long as you also practice the values of survival, stability and predictability.

First, you should be on WiiFthem. Have you heard of channel WiiFM? This stands for, “What’s in it for me?” WiiFthem stands for “What’s in it for them?” When you interact with a person, are you on channel WiiFM or WiiFthem?

Brandon Heath sings a song titled “Give Me The Eyes To See.” This song inspires you to be empathetic to what could be going on in another person’s life, beneath the exterior. Have you ever felt as if you project one image on the outside, while something entirely different is happening inside?

Second, believe in treating people right. Tina Turner sings a song titled, “Better Be Good To Me.” In the summer of 1994, my wife to be and I water skied professionally at Sea World. I have a picture of her, on stage, in her alluring pink tutu costume. In the back ground of the photo, I can see the male ski team members with eyes that desire her. I carry that photo with me each day as a reminder that my wife has other options. If I don’t treat her right, if I am not good to her, she can choose to invest her time somewhere else.

How many couples do you see leading two separate lives? Sometimes you see a couple break apart in divorce. Often the “happy” couple stays together. Are things always as they seem?

Third, Tina Turner sings another song titled “Simply The Best.” When you are in any formal or informal group, organization or family, are you doing your best? Are you focused, doing your best work and in the moment? IF not, why are you there? People can pick up on your “vibe.” Ed Sullivan said it best when he said let’s give them “a really good show.” Put on your best show.

Fourth, is the theme from “Rocky.” Stop for a moment. Play the song in your head. How do you feel? Being on WiiFthem, treating people right and putting on a good show requires mental energy. Do you have ways to recharge your batteries? When you start to apply these pieces to the puzzle of people, you will need a song, an activity or people in your life that uplift you.

Or you can use the music of Rocky to inspire you to focus, get serious and do your best work.

Fifth, the theme song “Eye of the Tiger” from the same movie title can inspire you to decide what one or two baby steps you could take to put together the puzzle of people.

In summary, to reduce your annoyance with people you need to WiiFthem, treat them right, be the best, be mentally strong and take small steps.

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