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What Does The Balanced Life Look Like?

How do you find balance in life?

Do you remember spinning the kind of top that you used to play with as a child? Or, maybe you have starved off adultitis, finding yourself with a set of tops in your home, office or car.

I believe you’ll find balance in life much as you would if you tried to spin six different tops at the same time.

Take your 1st top. Let’s call that your faith top. Now, in order to keep this accepting of all, you might agree to define faith as a set of beliefs that guide your actions. That contrasts with religion, which you can define as following a set of rules.

Once you get your faith top spinning, you need to spin another top called family top. Then you want to be alive to enjoy your family, which means you need to spin your fitness top.

After that, you’ll want to achieve success with your money. This means you have to spin the top that includes your career, business and personal finances.

Once the finance top is spun, you find yourself with two more critical tops to go. The 5th top is called a falling forward top. This top includes your personal growth plan, education and professional development.

Lastly, you have a top called “friends.” Who wants to have it all yet be alone?

There you have the balance of life.

Take your faith, family, fitness, finances, falling forward and friendship tops and get them all spinning at once.

My question to you is, what happens next? How long can you spin all six before one starts to wobble?

Then, what do you do when your career is spinning strong, yet your wife and children only see you for an hour a night?

I believe perfect balance is a myth. Can you achieve perfect balance? In other words you will find yourself going through life spinning one top at a time. You may even get all six areas of life spinning at the same time. Then you look back at the first top to see that it’s wobbling. You need to go back and forth taking care of each and every area of life.

5 Responses to “What Does The Balanced Life Look Like?”

  1. Thank you Sarah Mette. This top idea was all yours. Your gifting, talents and EXTREMELY hard work is perfect.

  2. Thanks! You have just made so much sense of my generally disorganised and unbalanced life! Really like the metaphor.

  3. Great analogy! Luv’d it…this was one of my hot topics at EntreLeadership…and it still is today. Even though I don’t have the family requirements most have, making time for me is always last and that means I suffer. I tend to be a workaholic so juggling the work life balance is something I am always tweaking. A great book I just read that I would highly recommend to you is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Very good concept that I think will help me in this area tremendously, though it wasn’t written just on balance…it is about balance.

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