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I Lost One Million Dollars

Have you ever known that what you were about to do was wrong?

What compelled you to still do it?

As you look back upon your life, do you see mistakes, missteps or downright foolish behavior?

Did you notice the steps you took could have easily been used as mini stopping points to evaluate open or closed doors?

The book I Lost One Million Dollars explores the lighthearted stories and balanced life lessons that I learned. Those of you who have heard my story agree that what has been learned can be used by each and every person to overcome any struggle in life.

You say you’re in a monster season of success? Then you can take what I learned to reach higher levels. Or you can use what I went through to protect what you have accomplished.

Successful people can be blinded by their success. I know I was.

In the book, you will read about stories of a fantastic, lavish and luxurious lifestyle. When you have time, stuff and confidence, what more would you want?

Extremely successful people can lose sight of important areas of life.

I found myself investing time and money into in new businesses that failed before they ever began.

This series of mistakes nearly crushed me, my wife and our five children. Yet what happened paid off in every area of life.

If you’ve ever wondered how to overcome life’s trials, if you’ve ever questioned how bad things that have happened to you can be used for your good, if you’ve had trouble believing that your own success is right there waiting for you, then this incredible true story can change your life.


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