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Jack Says The Dumbest Idea Ever is Mentoring.

All right, I imagine that you’re wondering why I would have a title like “Jack Says The Dumbest idea ever is mentoring” when you know mentoring is critical to your success … or is it? Is there a better idea? Have you heard of “MentoFriend”?

I will tell you why “MentoFriend” is smart … 1st a pit stop.

Toastmasters is like a new ride. A mentor provides a Toastmaster pit stop. Imagine. You recently purchased a new ride – a Ferrari V12, 540 horsepower, goes from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. You’re ready to show to all your friends, do some donuts in the parking lot. But before you get out of the driveway you are grounded by 3 flat tires.

-Your Toastmaster lives can feel like this. You start out revved up, ready to rock and roll, only to find out that chasing after world class speaking and leadership skills involves overcoming plenty of setbacks.

-You enter Toastmasters with issues about speaking; zany time crunched schedules: and then pursue a change, a zoom, a new level. Toastmaster’s the Ferrari of speaking and leadership systems yet it’s still a change, a zoom, a new level.

More soon …

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