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EntreLeader* | Trainer | Mentor

Don’t Let Inefficiency Undermine Your Success

A Entreleader, trainer and mentor provides a “life pit stop”. Imagine. You recently purchased a new ride – a Ferrari V12, 540 horsepower, goes from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. You’re ready to show to all your friends, do some donuts in the parking lot. But before you get out of the driveway you are grounded by 3 flat tires.

-Your life can feel like this. You start out revved up, ready to rock and roll, only to find out that chasing after world class results involves overcoming plenty of setbacks.

-You enter your career and family life with challenges from your upbringing; zany time crunched schedules: and then you try to learn a new system.

-You can have the Ferrari systems yet it’s still a new system.

You need someone who has been there, done that and has the t-shirt. You deserve a unique blend of common sense inspiration that entertains; without being overbearing.


•Innovative and reliable solutions from 1 to 5000.
•Immense experience without an immense price
•Short-term and long-term assistance
•Procurement, set-up and training
•Ongoing management and support
•Success with ages 3 to 85+

Local references available.

Call us today for a FREE initial 45 minute consultation

*Completion of this training does not make me an employee or agent of Dave Ramsey, nor give me the right to speak for or bind him, nor constitute an endorsement by him. Ps. I believe EntreLeader ELP’s are on the way next.


One Response to “EntreLeader* | Trainer | Mentor”

  1. This sounds so cool, what challenges and cool opportunities for all!

    “You need someone who has been there, done that and has the t-shirt.” touché

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