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New Pet … Area Humor Contest is October 14th.

I recently won at our speaking and leadership Toasmaster club humorous speech contest. I’ll post the speech as time allows … You would have to see it in person for the full effect : )!!!

“New Pet”

Imagine the stress in your life … do you ever feel bounced around?

My wife and I are in the upper room of our home overlooking our back yard.

Through the windows I see something brown and fluffy go up and down. I have to wonder does this have anything to do with our new pet, on our trampoline, with a 3 year old?

You bet!!! Up and down. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Why it’s super pet launched like a rocket. And falling like a rock.

I run to give Caden my best ‘Dad is not happy look’. We all know that is a good parenting technique.

I have Caden promise to always be gentle with the chickens. NEVER launch them.

My story today will show you that promises from 3 year olds; They don’t mean much.

Our new pet … | … pets are chickens.

Lady, Cinnamon, Sugar and General … General Custard as she prefers.

More to come …

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