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You're going to kill it today. High five!

Perfect OODA.

I may over use the word perfect for a little bit … You do MUCH that is perfect as long as you are also …

#1. OODA –ing everything.

#2.  Telling me the dots you see.

MUCH changes day to day and you ability to OODA is perfect as you have done over the recent past.

Those with the FASTEST OODA loop win!!! <- If you are unclear on what this means, Eeeek, click HERE.   Ask your direct supervisior.

Reminder: everything we do is a one week test for the 1st 52 weeks!!!



And re-test.

Make sense?  Questions?  What am I missing?

 OODA Links …

Dale 608-575-5511  Just Tell Me Please.  Thank you.


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