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Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan.

Keep all your information in one integrated system
Information arrives from a variety of sources—voice mail, memos, e-mail, etc. By organizing it all in one place, you’ll have what you need when you need it.

Always carry a walk-around tool
Be ready to record information whenever you receive it by carrying a component of your Planning System with you—paper or electronic—always.

Customize your system to your needs
Whether you use only your Planning Pages or combine them with technology, it is important to find the combination that works best for you.

3 Responses to “Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan.”

  1. As one who has many irons in the fire, I am still trying to learn & find the best system for me to strategicly plan my life, keep up with appointments, and manage my time. I had kept everything on my cell phone calendar but then I realized if my phone was lost or stolen or it died, I would be up a creek without a paddle since that data is not stored online somewhere. I use Outlook at my job, but haven’t wanted to enterface it with personal stuff or my own business stuff…so I have opted to use Yahoo Calendar. This has worked well, now I just need to get internet on my phone so I can access it at all times instead of having sticky notes or reminders in my phone to input later when I am online. I wonder if anyone has tips on what works for them? I am still tweaking my system and appreciate your thoughts today!

  2. MTC Binder + Blackberry = Organized!

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