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Power Of Team.

How often is it better to have multiple people work on a project?

The true value, as I see it, is that people work better collaboratively rather than competitively. You know what you bring to a project, your strengths plus your areas for improvement.  When you assemble a team of individuals who have unique talents, and all are willing to listen and learn from one another, no one can beat you.

You know and believe that your family, team and friends have value, that their input is important and will be considered, and that if you can help people uncover what motivates them individually and show them how self-motivation is their greatest asset, then you find them ready, willing and able to help.

Along with you faith, true answers are within you. You will get stuck, and that’s when you need helpers, like quotes, stories, posters, tapes, etc., to remind you of what you already know and want.

You are a positive person.  You know that you are bombarded on a daily basis with ‘stuff’.  The stuff is what makes life hard to shift gears back to the way you want to be and think.

Remember your helpers and put yourself back into the mindset you want and be part of this company wide team trying to make a difference “one person at a time”.

Meaning ourselves, team, clients and non-clients.

— Help via Marlene Blaszczyk

4 Responses to “Power Of Team.”

  1. Very true—all of what we do here at MTC consists of “teamwork”. We help others out, yet we are each independent and have creative minds to bring forth at work everyday!!

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