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Better Make It Big. And Small.

If you’re going to have an event, better make it big.

The event should be even bigger than big.

It needs to be awe-inspiring, frightening, on deadline and worth losing sleep over.

In between the big events you do the small things x10.

  • The annual review of a team member needs to be replaced with monthly or weekly one on one conversations of what both parties are doing good or needing growth on.
  • The annual tanning sun spa show is replaced with daily visits into your sun spa along with other businesses that are having success creating raving fans.
  • The big product launch no longer can save you.  300 new little ideas and products will give you success.
  • The grand opening of a new tanning sun spa is now replaced with every day feeling like a grand opening.  This needs to be done EVERY single day.
  • Drop dead one-meeting negotiation events like expecting a landlord, lotion vendor or banker to give you what you need will not work.  Start a dating relationship with all your vendors. 

Single not big enough big events leave little room for iteration, for trial and error, for earning rapport.  There is no OODA loop available.

Those with the fastest OODA loop -> Observe – Orientate – Decide – Act <-  Give you success. 

Frequent cheap communication is easier than ever, and if you use it, you’ll discover that the process creates far more gains than events ever can.

In other words, when you do an event like lotion training, you need to make the training a larger than life EVENT.  You made a good start last night!!!  Well done.

In between events you spend the time with your team.

Many (10+) encouraging small 5 minute visits to say hi and get a story will give you success.


2 Responses to “Better Make It Big. And Small.”

  1. I love hearing little stories good or bad. It’s always a growing area. Maybe I will learn something through the story. Keep them coming!

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