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“Things That Pop In Your Head”

As things ‘pop’ in your head assignment:  Send them to me.  Or bring them.

Doing well:


Needs growth:

When I am meeting with you or your team, I will be asking you to be prepared.

#1.  Bring or Send me the following on yourself.   #2.  Bring or Send me the following on your people.  #2.75  I’ll ask you to report on myself on these 3 key areas:

Doing well:


Needs growth:

4 Responses to ““Things That Pop In Your Head””

  1. On Myself-

    Doing well: Being responsible, doing the little things we are supposed to in order to keep spa nice & customers happy, but that would probably go unnoticed if we don’t do it. Also, training D-Angels and making new-comers comfortable on the team

    Improving: Lotion sales, time mgmt with closing tasks, compiling M2D and Weekly numbers reports

    Needs growth: Knowing when to speak up; Properly communicating ideas & pushing for them

    On Dayton-

    Doing well: Work atmosphere, helping each other out

    Improving: P/PSA and sales in general

    Needs growth: Getting everyone on same page with how to properly clean and the order of things (perhaps this is my detail-oriented self being too picky)

    On Dale-

    Doing well: Being welcoming, ALWAYS coming across as positive, passionate, and approachable; After hearing the way he talks about Robin, he has set my standards for “husband material” quite high…good luck boys!

    Improving: Meeting more often with team to get us all fired up! Pouring more syrup onto his pancakes–> Pancakes & Syrup–this was a demonstration I saw in my MHR300 class to demonstrate the importance of the entire team knowing the team strategy for it to work. The prof brought in McDonalds pancakes and several packets of syrup. He meticulously poured the syrup until even the pancakes at the very bottom had equal amounts of syrup as the top. Pancakes = levels of employees in organization, Syrup = Company mission/strategy. If this is confusing, email me 🙂

    Needs growth: Would be nice to get “think tank” groups of girls from different spas together if you really want great ideas t come out!

    • This is mind blowing great insights.

      Would I be able to have you lead the Think Tanks?

      Would we be able to pull a few hours off your schedule to pay you to lead a Think Tank? Then compile the data for us?

      If you work with Paige, I would even attend or pop in to get things started.

      That said, it is better at times to have me NOT there.

      • I would love to, thank you for offering. I think Paige and I would work very well together…would love if her and I could get together (along with others) to get a few things going.

        Here are the dots off the top of my head.
        1. You email Paige and me a few things you would like to get out of this project // topics you want us to focus on.

        2. I email the entire MTC team the “doing well, improving, needs growth” and give one week (arbitrary) for responses. Email would also be an invitation to participate in the think tank (and get paid) –> YOU determine how many people/how long you are willing to pay.

        3. Paige and I (and others) meet over coffee, go through survey results, write up findings, work up recommendations, email (and perhaps present) findings to you. –> Unsure how long of a time frame this would be.

        How is that for a 5 minute game plan? Please let me know if this appeals to you.

      • I would like to know …

        #1 How do we have the team take the next step to earn new clients?

        #2 How do have the team take the next step with our current clients to develop raving fans?

        #3 How do we have the team take the next step to serve each other in a cost effective manner?

        How do you feel about 3-5 team members gathering data including you being a good number for the think tank?

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