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Otter Editor Wanted.

#1). Laser focus Dale’s message before, DURING and AFTER Dale speaks or writes.

*Convert message into transferable & instantly usable points.

*Seek and find, your mission is to find Dale’s messages in all formats and DESTROY the wishy-washy, poor grammer, and incoherrert rambles of Dale, etc, etc …

#2). Find, write and edit existing copy for Dale to deliver.

*No need to reinvent the wheel.  Dale can deliver any message after we convert the idea or concept to Dale-ese.

*There are no new ideas available only different and BETTER ways to present the ideas.

#3). Learn and speak Dale-ese with the goal to convert Dale-ese to brief and transferable concepts..

*Robin is especially good at Dale-ese.  I believe Sarah is as well or at the very least Sarah will call Robin to find out the meaning behind Dale’s words.

#4).  Tell Dale what you find.  Give Dale the ‘dots’.  Dale will do better when he knows better.  YOU must tell him is a critical part of your role.

 Dale will not always agree yet will always listen to your ideas and thoughts. Keep in mind that sometimes Dale will need to try his way 1st BEFORE he ‘sees’ your way as better.  Do not take offense at this OR do not stop giving input.


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