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Action Is Needed Along With Your Idea. Go For It!

Would you be willing to implement the ideas you have?

Would you reduce some of your spa hours to help Sarah and her team get new ideas implemented?

————-   Otter Ramble Below.   Optional ways to process your ideas below.   The important message is above.

OVERALL Mission of your idea or agenda item: 

 1A)  What is the idea? 

1)  Does it compliment our mission of helping our clients look and feel good while giving education on moderate VitaminD?

2)  What is the goal?

3)  Timeline:  Start to finish to develop, create and IMPLEMENT.    <- I just learned that implementation of ideas is the tough part.  Took me 41 years to figure this one out!!!

(Statistics tell us it takes at least 7 exposures to an idea or concept before someone makes a decision either way to accept the idea, therefore it should take no more than two months to adequately share a new concept with someone.)  

4)  What are the action steps? 

Are my action steps actually going to achieve the result that I set out to accomplish?  Too often we find ourselves busy doing things, but those things will not result in hitting the target at which we were supposed to have fixed our aim. 

5)   How will progress be measured? 

   What are the correct measures that will give clarity to progress?  If we cannot measure our progress we will have no progress.  Measuring requires inspection and correction.  What does not get inspected does not get accomplished.

5b)  Will it be fun, for you and our team?

6)  Who is the competition and what are they doing?

8). Can steps 1-7 be written out on a napkin which if read by someone who has never heard the idea, gains clear understanding?

Is it simple enough to write down on a napkin and clearly explain the idea

10)  Do the math, i.e. best case and worst case scenario …What would be your exit strategy if it doesn’t work?

11)  What are the resources required?

12)  What would happen bad or ugly if we did not do this?

12.75)  What other options are there to accomplish the same mission?

Big FYI Mette is the agenda keeper.  If she does not deem your filter as a basic enough idea, she can choose not to put on the item or pull the topic off the agenda at any time!!!!!

I do NOT hold that power.

Dale via  Robin 608-575-7727 … Call me when my husband confuses you!!!

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