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Celebration Time: Welcome To Review Week.


Time to say thank you!!!

.75 Key concepts recently covered with the leaders:


  1. [ x ] Written Goal Setting in Faith, family, fitness, $, work, personal development/school, social

      [    ]  Review.  [  ] Post-it Session  [  ] Updated Icebreaker in LARGE company wide setting.  [   ]  Work goals in People | Operations | Financial | Marketing & Sales


  1.  [ x ] It’s the people that Matter.  [  x  ]  Napkin Vision.  [  x  ] Movie:  Schindler’s List.


  1. [ x ] DiSC:  S T U D Y


  1. [ x ] Call Robin when Dale Baffles Y O U!  [ x ] Call now applies after dating Robin.


  1. [ x ] Marketing vision is BE  N I C E in the following order of priority:  Team, clients and non-clients.


  1. [   ]  Team wants to build resume.  Let them Market for us within proper delegation (Amanda, Lindsey, Kayla, Karla and more …).


  1.  [ x ]The Smile Project. [  ] Encouragement = smiles.  [ x ] Make your leader smile. [  ]  How to get along with others.  [   ]  “What is in your Otter Basket?” [   ]   Humble | Gentle | Patient | Forbearing).  [   ]  The Otter Hat vision = Fun as you define it.


  1.  [ x ] faith in Dale:  [ x ] Vision [ x ] Intent: Mean you no harm & positive impact on you.


1a.  [  x  ]  Faith in Dale:  You will get what you put in.  Read the blog twice.  Read your emails.  Listen. Tell me.  Do what I say.  Do NOT question my behavior.  DO ASK questions about my behavior.

  1. [ x ] The Tell Me concept.  [  ] Brain .5 does not mean NOT smart, it means I need you.  We need to dance.  We are a team.  [  ] Dale does not see steps B to Y.  Dale sees Step A, needs you to fill in step B, C, D and E.  Dale then may see F.  You all see Steps G, H, I, etc, etc …  Z is a done deal because Otter Dale do not fear making mistakes.   Dale will get to Z.  You must help us get Dale to Z faster with less errors.


1a.  faith in Dale’s overall vision yet NOT faith in the process.

DO ASK questions ABOUT Dale’s behavior.  This behavior WILL baffle you no longer if you just ASK or TELL Dale you do not get it yet.  Dale confuses himself, his wife and his children.  It’s ok!!!

We need the team to help with the exact steps to accomplish the vision.



  1.  [ x ] Let Dale do the people work.  [  ] 4 questions:  Now you may help a little with the people work.


  1.  Trust is built upon 4 components … 


Integrity | Intent | Capabilities | Results

… and 13 behaviors. 


Talk Straight | Demonstrate Respect | Create Transparency | Right Wrongs | Show Loyalty | Deliver Results | Get Better | Confront Reality | Clarify Expectations | Practice Accountability | Listen 1st | Keep Commitments | Extend Trust |


  1.  [  x  ]  Idea Filter.  [  x  ]  End in Mind Filter  [ x ]  3 suggestions along with your best one recommendation.  [   ] Review all 3 with team


  1.  [   ]  Incentive Review:  How are we doing?   13a.   [   ]  Busy season trend: Slow & steady climb.


  1. [   ]  Team get together |  Quiet Time = both paid. (maybe 2 hours paid and see what happens?).


  1.  [   ]   Laser focus 2010.  Stick to the Basics.  15a. [   ]  Tell me = 360 degree feedback.


  1. [   ]  Team Tree    16a.  [   ]  Date your clients.  The Power of Who 100/40/12/3/1


  1. [   ]  On boarding properly:  Dating the new team members.  17a.  [    ] Monthly one on one evaluations


  1.  [   ]  Weekly Maintenance Team meetings.  18a.  [   ]  Large Group Weekly Meeting. 1x/mo. Team.


  1.  [    ]   Company Wide Budget:  Every $1 has a name & envelopes.  19a. [   ]  Hiring Steps.


  1.   [    ]   What am I missing?

4 Responses to “Celebration Time: Welcome To Review Week.”

  1. This was a fantastic recap of the things we’ve covered. I think, in our constant zooming, we forget about some plates, but this was a great reminder! It’s also a great view of the big picture! At first I didn’t realize it was a task list, but once I figured it out, it was nice to know where we’re at. Also, I really appreciate the continuous reference to faith in the company and faith in you. Sometimes, when things go wrong, we get caught up in the little things and forget that you see the big picture and that you have way more experience than us! It’s good to be reminded that we have such a capable leader and leadership team = crazy inspirational!

  2. I think this is a great blog! I really value leadership that allows for other team members to have a say and not feel intimidated to ask questions. We’re in an industry where we want to make people look and feel incredible and that means more than just saying hello when they walk in the doors. I also thinks it’s empowering that we have a team priority first – making each other happy is the best way to make sure we’re making our clients happy. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are supported at the place they spend a good deal of their time?! And who would want to walk into an establishment and not immediately feel that the place is positive?! There are so many great ideas/plans of action on the task list and MTC will only be stronger from them.

    Great post!!!

  3. WOW, big checklist. Very good idea to read twice. Having it written helps me and reminds me of the little things I forget.

  4. great feedback from Jerrie, Maggie and Teresa!

    liked the add on of a checklist of sorts used. Different way of doing this. It was defiantly good to go over this at mtg Monday

    love we can all see this, and refer to whenever needed (I will be weird and refer to a few times today)

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