Suslick Step's
You're going to kill it today. High five!

You. Start With You.

Start with you. Once you understand you, then impact others.

#1  Make them smile.

Encouragement = Smiles.

No smiles = Stop doing that.

Smiles = Do it F  A  S  T!

Am I having a positive impact on you?

 Dale Suslick  608-575-5511 

Grab me in person, call, email or text is the best way to reach me.

3 Responses to “You. Start With You.”

  1. Love the laminated Otter =)

  2. Sometimes the simplicity of these posts is so striking. They are perfect and to the point. I can’t get enough of marketing through smiles! The otter in me is LOVIN’ this! No critiques here!

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