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You Light Up Your Life.


The responsibility for lighting up your life belongs to you and not others. 

You neither blame nor demand that others create joy and happiness for you. 

Get high by NH = SW + CAO + SH 

Natural High = Self-worth + Caring about others + Sense of humor 

You only can control 3 things in life. 

Your self-worth, how much you care about others and your sense of humor. 

This is all about developing the skills of being encouraging. 

Encouragement = smiles. 

No encouragement = no smiles. 

Make people smile all day long today.


5 Responses to “You Light Up Your Life.”

  1. The responsibility for lighting up your life belongs to you and not others. -very true!
    Encouragement = smiles *always good to repeat to yourself*

    • Thank you for the insights Teresa!!! You have done much for us. I know I mentioned it eariler via email yet it bears repeating.

      No need to do anything else for us. Thank you for all you have done since day 1.

  2. Well said Dale. What book inspired this? I would love to read it, or have Nate read it.

  3. The discussion of personal responsibility is so key here. I think that sometimes we can feel badly for ourselves when we’re having a bad day and that energy can be draining to those around us. Good moods are contagious! We definitely have the choice:

    The choice to care
    The choice to be involved
    The choice to lift others up

    When we do these things, how can we not feel good about ourselves? This is such a great message! New focus: get a natural high — pass in on to the team. Smiles are WORTH the time!

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