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You're going to kill it today. High five!

Smart. Smile.

Make them smile.  What can you do to make that person in front of you smile?


The line is for Otter rambles.  Below the line is always optional reading.


Your team is smart.  Many of your team has 1½ brain power. 

On our team, if you know Robin and Sarah, then you know they have 2.0 brain power.

Tami, Dennis, Courtney, Jerrie, Teresa, Andrea, Nicole, Paige, James, Amanda, Laura, Amanda, Amber, Mike, Jami, Erica, Angela, Stephanie are all fast approaching brain power 2.0.

Men only use 1/2 of their brain.  This is humorous only because you know I am right.

You care because as you study DiSC you will learn to coöperate with those who have ½, 1, 1½ or 2.0+ brain power.

As you coöperate you become more concerned about others.

This makes you feel positive about yourself.

The fears and anxiety we all have will begin to leave you.

You will be more confident.

I am trying to tell you that you work with wonderful people.

Your pattern of behavior is predictable.

Your behavior is a direct expression of your beliefs, goals and mission in life.

As you understand the behaviors you will get more.  How you define more is up to you.

More could be more fun.  More money.  More time off.  More time working.  More is up to you.


2 Responses to “Smart. Smile.”

  1. I love the idea of making people smile! It’s simplicity at it’s finest! The ability to make people smile, however, can sometimes be more difficult for people. Dale, I think you’re making a great point about using the DISC to understand others and to understand how to make them smile. We all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to personality and behavior and I think that you’re right; in that mass exposure to many different kinds of people will give us the experience to be confident in meeting and interacting with anyone.

    As for having half a brain or two brains or one and a half brains– I think it’s maybe a bit generic and hard to understand. I think we do all work at different capacities, but I think we can learn to do better. Just like you said, we can quickly approach the ability to work with “two brains.”

    Back to making people smile — nothing boosts confidence in a person like letting them know you understand where they’re coming from and that you care. This level of genuine interest will help you believe in yourself, too. You’re definitely right on this one Dale!

    • Thanks for the thoughts. You are helping make me a better leader … a better man!!!

      I’ll work on the .5 brain concept. I usually start with a concept. Now we have to make it a transferable and understandable concept that others can see.

      Men do only use 50% of their brain. It is a fact.

      I may need to clarify this thinking more and help you ladies understand that men need you. We just do not ‘get’ it.

      Even at my best I don’t get it yet I get it. I accept that I may not understand what my wife is saying yet I have faith in her and just do it!!!

      Men and women do need each other … to be a great team you need to give up the idea that you know it all.

      Find each other strengths and have faith in each other.

      Again, let each other make MANY mistakes. That is how we learn best.

      The art of making small little mistakes.

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