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LEAN HEAVILY on me for people issues.

 LEAN HEAVILY on me for people issues.

This week was mentally tough for me.  I actually felt good about my only 1 on 1 cancelling Saturday : ).

Why Do you care?  Because I now know that your main role is to make people smile.  My role is to handle the tough time consuming and draining people coaching.

You and the leaders will still have to deal with people.  I am saying your role is only to make them smile.

What concept am I presenting to you?  Your one goal is to make people smile.  I’ll handle the tough issues. 

The past week should remind you to LEAN HEAVILY on me for people issues.

This is a FUN area for me.  I love it!!!  I was energized by the small group interview Saturday.

Yes, I was happy for the weekend.

How will you benefit?  You will be in your strength zone.  You will have more fun.  You will increase your effectivness.

That is how a good week should roll.  You should be spent.

You want to be giving 100% every day.  Every week.  When the time is done, you want to say you gave it your all.

Next week, you’ll be able to give 1% more.  

6 Responses to “LEAN HEAVILY on me for people issues.”

  1. I was lucky to receive this message and lesson 3 different times today….as I needed it, this along with Faith and Encouragement. Thank you

    • It is simple. That what makes it baffling.

      That is my only reason for not thinking of this sooner.

      I am 41. You are younger.

      You are waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me.

      I am excited for you. You have a super future waiting to be grasped!!!

  2. I think this is the best line of the post:
    I am saying your role is only to make them smile.

    It definitely makes it very clear and easy to apply in all settings. I think we can all always say to ourselves “will they smile when I go and say X”.

    • I just said this to Tami yet it hits hard here again …

      It is simple. That makes it baffling.

      That is my only reason for not thinking of this sooner.

      I am 41. You are younger.

      You are waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me.

      I am excited for you.

      I don’t think people ‘get’ that I see your potential. You are becoming more than you can even picture at this point.

      If you liked the last couple months, it will only become better for you moving forward.

  3. This is great! First of all, love the format! The italicized questions really helped my thought process. It helped to clarify what you want me to get out of this blog entry.

    As for leaning on you for the “people issues” — I was just wondering what kind of things you’d like us to tell you and how you would like us to relay that info to you. Via recap? Via email? If it’s a small issue, should we handle it ourselves?

    Regardless of the process, it makes me feel good to know that I can rely on you to help with the “people-tasks.” There’s no doubt that you have far more experience than me, and I am confident that you’ll help me grow by allowing me to understand what you’ve learned.

    • If it is going to make the team member smile then just do it.

      If you did it and the smile left, then that was your clue you should have called me or to call me NOW to recap what happened.

      A email is fine as long as it is not a 911 situation. 911 = call.

      Mistakes are good. You will not learn people without MANY mistakes.

      Call Dale or email rules as follows:

      CALL ME ASAP if you feel the need: 608-575-5511

      LEAVE message.

      You only have 45 seconds.

      People in India listen.

      The message will be emailed to me.

      Speak Clearly.

      Repeat key points.

      Repeat and spell names, numbers and email addresses.

      Use bullet points.

      Item #1, #2, etc, etc …

      Speak slow and clear yet you only have 45 seconds. Be quick.


      I will check the message asap.

      In your message, tell me the issue.

      Tell me what you think are 3 possible ways to fix the issue.

      Tell me the one you most want to do.

      I’ll either tweak your suggestion or say GO!!!

      Go means, do your plan.

      If you have a deadline, TELL ME the deadline.

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