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Hey You, Yes, You. Read This At Least Twice.

What an amazing week. 

Bottom line we are on the FAT track.

Faithful.  Available.  Teachable.

The bottom line is you ALL need to study your own DiSC.  More.  10 times more than what you are doing.

DiSC will look great on your resume. The DiSC is lifelong and use DiSC today to improve your relationships.

Read your Russell Pattern.  Know how you are coming off to people.  Click on the link above.  STUDY!!!

At your worst, like Otters at their worse, you are doing all the poor behaviors your pattern says.

You are reading this twice because this post is all about you.  And why you care about the DiSC.

Thanks for your leadership.  I want you to know that as we work on the DiSC I know you are already busting your buns.

You do impact your clients and team in a positive way even though we all need to study the DiSC.

I hope we are meeting your goals.  If not, I know you’ll give me feedback.  What or how do you feel your leaders are doing in impacting you in a positive way?

Sarah Mette once again, she may have a brain 2.0, Sarah pointed something out to me Friday afternoon.


which is a large portion of your team,

and Golden’s need

encouragement and praise.


In fact, Lion’s and Beavers like praise too.  Sorry.  We all do.

As Robin, Sarah and I talked this out, the “ah-ha’s” started to flow.

People are messy people!!!

You will need to talk through issues.

You are right, talking, while you will be talking less compared to a Otter, talking will be part of what you do while working with clients and team members.

The encouragement sandwich is about communicating well with ALL team members.

Telling it straight is about communicating well with ALL team members.

Realizing that YOU are smarter than most of the people you see each day is about communicating well with ALL team members.

All that you need to learn about the DiSC is about the team : ). 

We are teaching you a lifelong skill. 

You will thank us down the road as you use the DiSC to make more money.

To land the work you will love.

To be an awesome parent.

To be a better husband.  Or a great wife.

Your life is a daily battle.

What our leadership and advanced training trains you on gives you more out of your life.   

You’ll still have daily battles and struggles.

I know we are having me, Dale, do the direct tough and messy people team work.

I love people.  My mission in life is to impact you in a positive way. 

I trust you know that you as well will be working, hand in hand, side by side and skipping down the yellow brick road with clients and team every single day.

DiSC. Know yours.  Know your teams.  Know it cold.

You will want to learn what the DiSC will teach you.

This information will serve you well for a lifetime.

With your 1.5 brain power, you’ll be freely able to work within all DiSC patterns.

Does this make more sense than the .5 brain explanation I gave you earlier?

What do you think?  How do you feel about DiSC?

What or how could this subject be better explained?

What do you recall from the Russell class, the Russell Patterns, the links and the paperwork you have been given together?

Know your DiSC.  Study.  Know the other person’s.  Know it cold.

Dale Suslick 608-575-5511

Text is the best way to interrupt my day for any 911 items.

One Response to “Hey You, Yes, You. Read This At Least Twice.”

  1. I never thought that DISC would be as powerful (or spot on) as it is. Admittedly, there was a time when I was skeptical, but the more I practice with it, the more I change my own ways of listening and speaking, the more I see it’s brilliance.

    There are a few things I need to comment on here:

    1 — we all need encouragement. This is a grand truth to say the least. While I may only see an otter’s perspective, I certainly understand the power of positive. When people feel appreciated and understood, they feel better about the work they’re doing. That confidence is priceless.

    2 — The people stuff — I’ve never worked in an environment where the leadership team cares, so deeply, about team dynamics. I know, that at times, my high-I can be overwhelming. This coupled with my “emotions-on-my-sleeve” attitude can be down right ridiculous, but I can tell that when others on the leadership team interact with me, they take those traits into account. I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel.

    Lastly — I really enjoyed the over-sized font. It’s a total, cyber a-ha moment! LOVE IT!

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