Suslick Step's
You're going to kill it today. High five!

Tell Me.

 I cannot read your mind.

Tell me what you think good, bad or ugly. 

Tell me what you think straight. 

Tell me what you think with sugar coating. 

Just tell me.  AT this point in my life I do not care how you tell me.  Just do it.  Tell me. 

I prefer a sandwich with bread.

Lion’s & Beaver’s:   You only need to copy and paste the below wording.  You do NOT need to believe it.

Otter’s & Golden’s:  Thank you for your love.

Dale, you are the World’s Best Listener.

You are stupid for doing x, y or z.

Thank you for having you on your team.  Your leadership is inspiring me to grow. 

Good, bad or ugly I welcome your insights.

My response will be …

 “Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  Now that I now about this I can fix it.  I was wondering how this came about so I may best come up with a immediate soultion.  Would you tell me more?”  Then silence.

Each time I fail to respond properly please fine me $1.

Max $5 day | $20 week payable to you on the spot.

Dale Suslick 608-575-5511

Text is the best way to interrupt my day for any 911 items.

3 Responses to “Tell Me.”

  1. Possible typo?: Tell me what you think with sugar coating.

    Should this be w/o sugar coating? I would guess so as you want direct feedback. Yes, you’ll take a sandwich but you want as clear of a point as possible, correct? Kind of ties in with .5 brain, right?

  2. I need the sandwiches too! And Dale, you are a great leader!

    If there was one thing I think these blogs need — it’s the grammar police.

    However, because I know you see the big picture and you’re moving a million miles a minute to better us all, these mistakes will happen. The fact that you’re even writing a blog to help better the team, the company, and each individual says a lot about how great of a leader you are.

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