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Dating. On Board. All Aboard. Critical.

BOTH the right person and the right ‘on board’ or ‘take off’ process is critical. 

When a new team member joins us we must assign a key team member to date them for at least 90 days. 

This team member must be setting a positive example. 

Be realistic and do your best to only bring on any new team members when we can accomplish the above vision. 

I can do details. 

When I focus, I am a 4.1 C. 

Tami, Sarah and several other team members are 7 C’s.  

They have such a fine attention to detail in practice and/or in skill level and experience. 

Or they may just know they suck in details. 

If they are not a detail person then they are awesome in delegation. 

Wonderful in hiring the right person for the details!!! 

How this OODA will be neat. 

What the improving take off process exactly looks like remains to be seen. 

The details need to be worked out. 

Until then be nice. 

Be nice to the new team member. 

Take off right. 

Play the dating game. 


4 Responses to “Dating. On Board. All Aboard. Critical.”

  1. There is a lot going on here! What is your main point? What if I don’t know what a ‘C’ is? Who’s your audience?

    How can I best help you with your blog?

    Am I to read and respond positively?

    Am I to criticize?

    Am I to sandwich?

    Are these for internal use?

    I like your title, but had hard time following the rest.

    • Excellent example of how Dale Suslick has .5 of a brain.

      I make up for this with my passion and intensity.

      I NEED Robin, Sarah, Tami, Dennis and the others that have the 1.5 brain power to grow and develop into the leader I am becoming.

      Thank you for these insights. I am looking forward to correcting and improving my writing.

  2. amped to share some real examples of what we, some fellow leaders and key team members will have done inregards to ‘dating’ new team members. It’s more than being nice and showing them where the bathroom is 🙂 will be good to add to future blogs

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