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Encouragement. Our Family & Team is the World’s Best

Encouragement via Brainy-Child.

Focus and place your attention on people and those situations that deserves your attention;

Use praise whenever it is necessary.

 When you are praising, ensure that you are moving very close to people.

This will connect you with them and their heart. 

When praising, make an eye contact.

Ensure that you are bending down to eye level.

This simple action will help people feel so special and proud of you.

 Touch is the most personal action that you can take.

Gently touch a hand, when praising and encouraging.

Human touch is perhaps the best touch of all! 

When proper, you can hug while praising or encouraging.

This will create an instant connection.

Praising and motivation help others to react very positively to any situation.

You will see the focus of efforts on doing the right type of things.

People who use an opportunity to praise will benefit largely by seeing highly disciplined behavior develop in others.


You will see in others the positive characters that you have always valued in life.

4 Responses to “Encouragement. Our Family & Team is the World’s Best”

  1. Praise is such a powerful tool! I definitlely believe it helps to strengthen relationships, whether at work or with family, friends or significant others. Praise helps people realize they are valued and appreciated!

  2. Thank you Colleen. You are 20 years ahead of me. And I love this about you!!!

  3. Great points when doing this for kids – eye level & eye contact! Definitely great for adults too when they want to show proper level of respect while giving the praise! Definitely gives it a deeper meaning!

    • This ties into that email you sent me on how to interact better with children. Thank you for that email.

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