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Why The Rush?

I am thinking the 15 minutes is fine.  Fine to start to get to know you.  The real you.

This week is rushed.  I need to let you know that I know my purpose in life is to impact you in a positive way.

It has taken me until yesterday to dial in my agenda.  I have failed in the past to communicate this goal to you properly.

Now, it is jammed into 15 minutes yet at least I do not ramble on for a hour with only 15 minutes of content!!!  Remember to OODA what I say each week.  I need to know if it is a good, bad or ugly idea. 

I am warning the team that the 1st meeting will be rushed.  As I add items, if I add 3 new things, you need to drop 3 old items.

I stress to YOU that if all I did was 15 minutes and never a 2nd meeting these would be less effective.  The 3 items you drop need to be communicated to your leaders, Tami, Teresa and Sarah.

The power will be in CONSISTENT weekly and monthly 15 minutes.  The dropped items are just the bottom 3 of your list.  They are good items yet you only have so much time in a shift or in a day.

The next step after we feel | OODA we have touched everyone will be longer 30 minute performance evaluation style meetings.

That said:

If Tami, Teresa, Paige and Sarah can dial in an agenda and questions for me to ask … I can pull off a good 15 minute meeting after a couple more sessions.

The team should understand the DiSC.  This week’s focus is YOU, the DiSC, Making people feel special and the blog incentive.

When you ‘get’ the DiSC, you may prefer a smoother long meeting style yet the DiSC will allow you to understand the purpose of these calls | 1on1’s.

These times are for my D6, I’ll still bring my I7, yet D6 means we are trying to get the message across.  Quickly.

Touchy and feel -ley meetings are for another time.  I prefer those anyways!!!

Make any sense?

5 Responses to “Why The Rush?”

  1. bottom line, they love meeting with you. The team we have think this is the coolest thing next to the lastest + greatest. I have always liked our mtgs when at osh. (like them now too:) In the past we didnt have team members that would think/feel this. So So thats a cool thing in itself

    15mins with specific topics covered is good. My take on a few recaps was thought one thing was going to be discussed, but rather something else was discussed or they didnt know at all. Thats fine since first go at these.

    Ideally some specifics should be known for them prior to mtg. They can come pre-paired. OR as you ooda, you are sensing + receivng great feedback with on the spot questions you are asking them, then these peeps are getting it and listening to every word

    agree, 1hr with rambling would not work
    Do suggest small group meetings of same DiSC’s for the future. That was have room of high I’s and go to town! on some topics. and vise versa

    Keep doing these, consistently and Im really excited for what we will see and do with the team!

    • Excellent points Tami. I added taking a photo of the agenda. I did not think of the pre-communication as being helpful.

      I believe you have correctly pointed out this is critical. Look for the photos of the agenda’s on Facebook, in email and on Twitter!!!

  2. yes – I am definitely interested in possibly getting a few small group meetings together based on pattern… that would be very interesting! Especially if you wanted something that was more brainstorming.

  3. Ahah! This is so helpful to reiterate everything we discussed in our 15 minutes. It is nice to read it the way you are thinking it, because it may be different than what I wrote down.
    By rereading this I was able to see that these 15 minute meetings will have an impact over time even if they aren’t completely clear right now.What really opened my eyes too was the fact that in order to pick up new items you have to drop something else. This is hard for me to do sometimes because I don’t like dropping anything but it is important.
    I think something that would be helpful for the next meetings would be knowing exactly what we are talking about so we can prepare. I did like that Dale gave us ‘homework’ for prep for the next meeting. I just like feeling prepared!

    • I appreciate the feedback.

      I am like a puppy dog chasing a bone.

      If you just throw the bone, or anyone on the team does, then I will chase it down ASAP!!!

      Love that our feedback train is rolling.

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