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You're going to kill it today. High five!

Focus Improvement Project

For Each email I send you over 1 (that’s ONE) per day I owe you $1.00!

Max $5 day.  Max $20 week. 

I am looking forward to our weekly one on one or small group meeting times. 

Dale Suslick 608-575-5511

This is a test. Only a test. 

A test of the emergency focus improvment project.  Subject to OODA and renewing on a weekly basis.

Good, bad or ugly I welcome your insights.

My response will be …

  “Thank you for bringing this to my attention. 

Now that I now about this I can fix it. 

I was wondering how this came about so I may best come up with a immediate soultion. 

Would you tell me more?”  Then silence.

Each time I fail to respond properly please fine me $1.

 Max $5 day | $20 week payable to you on the spot.

2 Responses to “Focus Improvement Project”

  1. One is pretty small compared to before. I think that I would prefer one ‘vision/deep’ email per day. All of the onesies, twosie emails about getting things done and working on to-do’s don’t really count. Just my thoughts!! sm

    • This is a insightful. I am proud the way you are bringing your ideas forward!!!

      Anything is a possibility for our company with you on our team. You are truly, very capable of achieving results with or without me. And that Mrs. Mette, is a cool thing!

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