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You're going to kill it today. High five!

How much snow would a snowdad shovel if a snowdad faced a 17.9″ snowfall?

Best part of the 17.9″ WET snowfall day was recovering the sled.  My daughter was on top of that HUGE snow pile.  While today it is possible, yesterday the channel was not frozen

Poof.  Sled went down the back side of the mountain on a windy day.  Very happy the child did not go down the backside of the mountain!!!  Elaina stayed going forward.

Very quickly the sled drifted far away.  Somehow, the sled ended up going against the wind into the lake!!!  How does that happen?

Two hours later I was still working on moving snow.  This was a painful day of snow removal.  Then my eldest daughter is suddenly in the back yard with just her boots on.  No jacket is what I mean.  She spotted the sled almost to shore.  Being a caring Otter Dad, I sent her back inside.

The sled was pulled out by me without falling in on the ice covered rocks as the wind was puffing at 20 mph!!!

2 Responses to “How much snow would a snowdad shovel if a snowdad faced a 17.9″ snowfall?”

  1. I love how much family time you set aside. This would have been helpful for me growing up.

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