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It Must Be Small.

When he left Rivendell, Frodo didn’t head out with a thousand Elves.

He had eight companions.

Jesus didn’t march around backed by legions of angels, either.  He had twelve men – knuckleheads, every last one of them, but they were a band of brothers.

This is the way of life.

 Though we are part of a great company, we are meant to live in little platoons.  The little companies we form must be small enough for each of the members to know one another as friends and allies.

Who will fight for your heart?  How can we offer the stream of counseling to one another, unless we actually know one another, know each other’s stories?

The reason counseling became a hired relationship between two people was largely because we couldn’t find it anywhere else; we haven’t formed the sort of small fellowships that would allow the stream to flow quite naturally.

Is it possible to offer rich and penetrating words to someone you barely know, in the lobby, between classes or at work, as you dash to pick up the kids or get to the next class ?  The next meeting? 

Where will you find true friends?

Friendships are something we learn, and grow into, and offer one another, within a small fellowship.

 We hear each other’s stories.   We discover each other’s glories.

We learn to walk together.  We pray for each other’s healing.  We cover each other’s back.  This small core fellowship is the essential ingredient for life.

This was modeled over 2000 years ago for us for a reason.  Sure, speak to the masses.  But live in a little platoon, a small fellowship of friends and allies.  Followers will take your example and live this way, too.

(Thoughts pulled together from Waking The Dead , 190, 191 ) <-GREAT book as well. Dale


One Response to “It Must Be Small.”

  1. I agree completely. I am amazed at how hard it is to actually do this stuff as apposed to just reading it.

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