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Questions People Ask.

Number and age of children in family:

Natalie, 11 years
Sam, 9 years
Elaina, 6 years
Caden, 3 years
Aubrey coming soon!!!

Relationship Status:

Forever and ever married to Robin Suslick

What extracurricular activities is your family involved in?

We would like to find activities that are low cost without having to be exposed to a ‘Disney World’ style of commercialism as we stay active as a family.

Meaning, if you spend a day at Disney World or the Kalahari or even McDonalds to a lesser degree, you find the ‘entry fee’ is within the budget yet it’s the constant being sold and fighting off every other lie in the book about buying things from the gift store and vending carts that kills you. This makes the time with the children less fun and stressful.

Compare this to going to a good city park. You just run around and leave when you are done. Maybe bring a brown bag lunch. PRICELESS!!!

Children just need your T-I-M-E. Not stuff. I understand business needs to sell stuff to be in business. We want to not participate though : ).

Tell me a story about balance in your life.

Finally after 13 years of marriage and my oldest being 11, we realized that structure and order (along with a dose of flexibility) is important to a growing and healthy household.

This past year we established goals for our faith life, our family, $$$$, our business and work life, fitness, personal development and our social life. This along with having some structured time in our day, for example a set time for dinner has led to an ongoing better balance.

That said you have to realize that true balance will only last 3 seconds. Then something will need a little extra attention. Maybe it’s your marriage. Maybe you get thrown off of balance to deal with a work issue or fix your monthly budget. The thing that needs extra attention will take you down a path of a little or maybe way off balance.

Knowing this allows you to focus on what is A1 Steak sauce in your life. Having the written goals allows you to go back to the list once the crisis is over. And then you have another 3 seconds of balance.

What things make you really happy?   What gets you stressed out?

Happy: Order in the house. Time to focus on each family member one on one while with all of us together …with a family of 7 this normally requires a ‘helper’ to assist with one of the other children.

When multiple family members come to me with issues or things they need. When the family members come one at a time, parenting is so easy. I get stressed when I fail as a parent to keep the family members coming to me one at a time. We are working on this and it gets better each day.

That said, it’s easier said than done to be patient and listen well to all the family members which is why it’s actually worth doing!!!


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