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The ‘You Suck At …’ Talk.


If a team member is not doing

what they are supposed to be

doing it is your job as a leader

to correct their course.


Take time management and

written goal setting where a

team member is struggling to

get done what needs to be done.

You need to sit down with your

team member and begin



Say something like “You’re a

valuable team member but you

suck at managing your time and

setting written goals (insert issue

here) which makes you about half

as valuable as you should be 

and somewhat aggravating.


You really need to focus on your

time management and written

goal (insert issue here) skills

and stay on task.


I am going to help you.  We are

going to do (in-person, via phone

or email) a ‘to grow’, ‘to do’ and

review your written goal list every

morning for the next two months



We are going to lay out that list in

priority and you’ll learn how to

prioritize your time for the day the

way I want it done.


This is going to be a training period

on your time management and

goal setting.


Then, once we have done it together

for 2 to 3 months if you cannot do it

on your own we are going to have

to talk about you being somewhere

else.  Either a different seat on the

bus or off the bus all together

(make sure they know the bus

means where they work!).


You are a valuable team member. 

That is why I am willing to invest

my time into your life to see you

succeed not only for this team but

for your career ahead of you elsewhere. 

This is why I am talking to you very

bluntly because if I were you I would

want to know what winning looks like

so my boss is smiling.


This is a skill you are going to develop

for as long as you remain on our team. 

I believe in you and know you can do

this when you are trained and set your

mind to it.”



One Response to “The ‘You Suck At …’ Talk.”

  1. I like this one!

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