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Pink French Speaking Rabbits

If you speak French and that person over there speaks English, what language do you use to talk to them?

If you’re speaking French to the English speaking person you could be a pink speaking French bunny and they still would not understand you. Your cute. Just not understandable.

You would use English to speak to a English person, wouldn’t you?

Communicate with your team and co-team in our DISC style that they are. …one of the mistakes made is almost always communicating as you would like to be communicated to.

One of the many lessons from being a EntreLeader is remembering that if you’re talking to a D, communicate like a D.

Same as with S, C and every mix of D, I, S and C under the sun.

As for me, please remind me with a pink 2×4, throw a pink bunny at me or just let me know when I fail you in this manner.


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