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Bass, Eeyore and The Quaker Oats Girl.

Don’t you love bass fishing?  You throw something shiny into the water.  The shiny thing swims by a 18” bass.  The bass sees the little shiny thing and WHAM.  Within seconds you have yourself a big bass.

Are you a bass?  Do you see something shiny and within seconds decide to chop on it?

You need to take some time to make good choices in life

Take 2 weeks Maximum to decide.  Leave yourself a Minimum of 24 hours on any non-911 (almost nothing is 911) issue.

Before you make your choice have a good night’s rest, written ideas in your journal AND a workout, long walk or exercise session to clear your mind.

State the problem.

Get the advice and opinions of others.

List the alternatives.

Choose the best alternatives.

Act within the appropriate level of your authority.  IF your outside your authority then make a recommendation.  Your leader will love that.

Eeyore is a plodding little donkey.  You’re taking too much time making a choice if you feel like Eeyore.

What is that child’s fable where that girl tries 3 bowls of Quaker oatmeal?  Be her.  Follow the guidelines above and be just right in your timing.

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