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Turn Your Bad into Good.

Garfield via Rapha-chan.

You know that friend of yours that is always having too many unhealthy relationships with bad boys?

Then you remember that guy freshman year that cannot seem to shake his binge drinking?

You know people having issues with drugs, porn, working too much, sleeping too much and other bad habits.  You can help them kill the nasty habits.

While mentally tough the formula is simple.

Help your friend replace the bad habit with a good one.

People in control of their life do not have any magic formulas.  Those with a mastery over their bad habits switch energy being used on bad habits into a new positive habit.  Since you’re human this cycle never ends.  Your success in life will depend partly on you continually switching bad habits for good habits.

Then you take your good habits and switch them for great habits.

Great habits for excellent habits.

The successful people in life have addictions just like your friends do. You will destroy harmful addictions when the bad habit is replaced with the good using the same focus and intensity you spend on your bad habits.

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