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Not GREASE yet Influence is the Word.

Ask why it is as it is. Do not tell a person why it is as it is.

Instead of talking ask some questions. Then listen. Take notes as you listen. Then ask more questions.

Influence is an art that demands control of your emotions as you seek to have others clarify what you want in their mind.

The fine line is developing powerful questions that enable you to show, rather than tell, someone your point.

For example, don’t tell your partner why not coming home until 1am without calling shows they are an uncaring jerk. Start by asking them “what made you get home so late?”

As you ask good questions the other person will “see” your point as their own. You’re asking questions that Jeffrey Gitomer would say leads to harmony if you add in a little give and take.

Take time before you head home tonight or before your next meeting to write out a few questions that might need to be asked. Preparation takes time yet is work worth doing to impact others in a positive manner.

Grease was the word back when you were a youth. Today your word is influence.

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